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Wait, you can design remotely? e-Design explained!

Hi everyone!

I’m hoping that you and your families are doing well during these crazy times! As we’ve all learned how to do more things more remotely, we've adjusted our routines. We’ve learned how to host family game night via Zoom, how to keep the kids occupied outside by exploring new hiking trails, and started our “victory gardens.” (Although I’ve had to replant my basil THREE times because it keeps freezing here in Pittsburgh. Yes, in May.)

But some activities that aren’t routine have also had to adapt. As a designer, during this crisis, I’ve learned to adapt my processes and transform my offerings into remote services for selections and designs. One of the services that I offer is e-Design, but many people don’t really understand what that is, or how it’s even possible. So, let me explain.

1. The Discovery Call. In any design project, it starts with a conversation about what your project is, what your goals are, and how you want to use your space. This is the Discovery Call, and it usually lasts between 15 - 30 minutes, and lets us decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

2. Let’s take a look around (virtually). After the Discovery Call, I’d usually visit your home to look at the space and take measurements. Of course, for the past several weeks, that hasn’t been possible. So here’s where we adapt the process: instead of an in-home visit, I host a Zoom meeting with you, and you’ll show me around your project space using their phone, tablet, or laptop. From there, I give you my “How to Take Measurements of Your Space” guide to complete and send back.

3. Let's create a plan. So many clients have trouble with furniture placement! That’s why the first deliverable is a floorplan that shows you what furniture pieces, accessories and artwork will fit best in your space. There are specific size and scale recommendations for the floorplan, so that it’s clear whether an 84” sofa or a 108” by 95” sectional will work best for your space and how you want to use it. I deliver both a 2D floorplan and a series of 3D renderings that will show you exactly how it will look in their room.

4. What’s your style? Once the floorplan is finalized, we’ll talk about design preferences – what styles you like, what colors you prefer (or want to stay away from!), and any existing pieces that you want to incorporate. Do you want something that’s modern farmhouse (my own personal aesthetic), more contemporary, or transitional (a blend of traditional and modern)? These choices will inform the next phase. Read on.

5. Colors, pattern and texture, oh my! Once I understand your design preferences, I’ll create a custom moodboard. What’s a moodboard? It’s a collection of specific selections that includes furniture, lighting, window treatments, rugs, pillows, accessories, paint color recommendations, and artwork for their project. This gives you the ability to really visualize your newly designed space! I love to play with color and texture to elevate my clients spaces, while also making them fit into their own unique design aesthetic. From the moodboard, we’ll do one round of revisions if there are any selections that you want to change.

6. Order, Deliver, and Install. From there, depending if we’ve sourced the products from retail or trade-only sources, you’ll make the purchases and have the items delivered to your home. I’ll provide the exact instructions on how to pull everything together – how high to hang the artwork, which pillows go on the sofa vs. the armchair, and how to style the new bookcase.

7. Sit in your new space and enjoy. Once everything is in it’s place, here's the final step: choose a a place to sit on your new fabulous furniture, sit down with your favorite cup of coffee, tea, wine, cocktail, or juice (if your toddler is nearby), take a deep breath and relax, and take in and enjoy your new space. You’ve completed the e-Design process!

A client was refreshing her dining room using the e-Design service, and just hung her beautiful wood and iron chandelier that I had selected as part of her project. She admitted that she “would have NEVER chosen that chandelier,” but now that it was up, she loved it! Honestly, that’s one of the biggest compliments that I can get – it makes me so happy to hear that I’ve been able to look at their space through a different lens and find something that inspires them to fall in love with their space!

Global pandemic or not, my e-Design service is always an affordable way to get a complete refresh on a space in your home! You can take a look at my e-Portfolio to browse through a few of my recent projects. e-Design allows you to have a totally customized designer experience without the price tag of full service design. By doing a bit of the work yourself (the installation), you can refresh your space and create a totally new look that reflects your style, and how you want to use your particular room.

Let me help you breathe new life into your home, and book a Discovery Call today to get started!

Stay well friends, Jenn

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