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About The Founder

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After building a home, I realized how much I loved the design process, and I listened to the tiny whisper asking me to use my creative energy to help people live better.

My first career gave me foundational skills in technology, project management and complex systems as I worked in IT at healthcare providers UPMC and AHN. But I kept hearing that whisper to pursue a career in interior design. I’d heard so many times over the years that I had an “eye” for design, so at the height of the pandemic in 2020, I designed several small spaces for clients, and then launched my firm.

From full-scale renovations, kitchen and bath design, new builds and furnishings, we create homes that are warmly traditional, but also organized. We adore working with color and pattern and applying it to our projects through custom furnishings, window treatments and wallpaper. 

We specialize in creating spaces that have unique details that you just can’t get in a big box store. I have a personal soft spot for British-inspired design (probably from watching a bit too much Bridgerton, but there are worse things, right?) and love spaces that incorporate traditional patterns, bold color, and accents that make you stop for a second look. I believe that the way that you feel about your home directly impacts your happiness, your daily routines, and how much you enjoy entertaining. Our clients often say that once their project is completed, they truly live better in their homes! 

I’m a proud Pittsburgh native, and you’ve seen our work in Pittsburgh Magazine and Table Magazine among others. If I’m not chasing after my two energetic boys, you’ll find me checking out the Pittsburgh food scene at a new restaurant, painting a watercolor for some extra creativity energy, or staying true to my wellness practice with my morning fitness routine.

I’m looking forward to working with you to create a home that is warm, classic, with a dash of organization!

Work With Us

Custom Comfort 

We prize the comfort of your spaces as an important part of your project. After all, no one wants to live in a museum! We have access to a variety of vendors, fabricators, and other trade partners that help us to craft the perfect design. Of course, it’ll be beautiful, but it will also fit your family’s needs perfectly. From a client who craves a sanctuary-style bedroom away from the hustle and bustle, to a family who wants the perfect place to entertain, we talk through your hopes and dreams and craft a home that invites your guests in to stop and stay awhile.

A Dash of Organization

We take the time to understand how your family lives, and what they love. Our Home Flow Analysis allows us to create a design for your home that is organized, curated, and specifically tailored to your aesthetic. Our structured design and project management processes take the burden away and introduces joy into the process. We walk through your daily routines, and craft a home that will fit your family’s needs through custom furnishings and cabinetry that supports more organization in your spaces. 

Better Living through (Home) Technology

Coming from an IT background, I love incorporating new tech that personalizes your daily home life. From motorized shades that lower themselves as the afternoon sun filters in, to smart bulbs that gently dim to relax you in the evening, to a luxe shower that can warm itself to your preferred temperature each morning, we stay on top of the latest technology integrations in your home, especially ones that support energy conservation and safety. 

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Commercial Design

We design commercial spaces that reflect each company’s operations, values and aesthetics. Using my previous process analysis experience, we’ll understand your businesses workflows and operations, and dial in how you want the space to feel and cater to your clients. From there, we’ll craft a unique space for your company that is not only highly functional, but also allows your business to shine.

Ready to get started?

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