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Simply put, you want a home that works for you and your family AND looks beautiful.


But maybe you've felt...

... that you're paralyzed by indecision or feel overwhelmed with all of the choices out there?

...  that you know that your family room needs a new look but you're embarrassed about it, so you avoid having friends and family over? 

... or you know that you want to renovate your primary bathroom, but don't know where to begin to put together a cohesive design that maximizes the space and looks beautiful?


I'm here to help.

As a busy mom of two school-age boys, wife and entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that my clients have in dreaming of something better, but not having the time or interest to dedicate to creating that vision in their homes. It's wonderful to have dreams, but even better when you have a partner to help you get there. 

Over 22 years in technology and project management career has positioned me to run a highly organized and client-focused design firm.  I use the latest in technology to help you visualize your design, and my background in project management and client service has set the stage for making sure you have a fantastic experience along the way.  

An acknowledged serial hair color changer, Star Wars aficionado, and collector of graphic tees, I know that my experiences to this point have led me to run my design firm! 


When I'm not dreaming up a new design, you can usually find me building Legos with my boys, stepping out for date night with my husband, rowing on my Hydrow, and occasionally enjoying a little bit of downtime with the latest copy of House Beautiful. I am also passionate about cooking fresh, healthy meals, and spend countless hours in my garden.

For me, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come to life - whether it's a meal, cutting fresh blooms in my backyard, or (of course!) creating a new space for my clients!

What Clients Are Saying

"Jenn’s attention to details, design, and project management were second-to-none, resulting in very happy customers!  We couldn't be more pleased and will be repeat customers for sure!”      

Carrie W.

Cranberry Township, PA

Ready to get started?

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