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Summer Vacation Must-Haves

Everyone needs a break now and then, and summertime begs for some rest and relaxation! The benefits of taking time away have been proven again and again: vacation expands your horizons, reduces stress, improves your productivity when you return, and even spurs creativity and problem-solving skills. All of these are amazing results, with the added benefit, of course, of time with family and friends.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags - but only after you've checked out our new favorite travel must-haves! We're sharing our favorite vacation essentials to make your time away easier, more fun, or both!

Save Your Spot!

No matter if you’re on vacation or enjoying a picnic in the park, this blanket provides the perfect landing spot. It’s waterproof and conveniently folds up for travel. And this pineapple print? Too cute!

Protect Your Feet!

Full disclosure: I am a tiny bit scared (ok, terrified) of what I’m going to step on in when I'm swimming in the ocean. You might even say that I’m much more of a poolside girl. But if I must go in to the sea, you better believe that I’ll be wearing water shoes. And these ones come in 44 different colors, so you're bound to find a pair that matches your swimsuit perfectly!

Inflatable Fun

And if you are going to be strictly poolside, why not spend it in a giant inflatable flamingo?

The Perfect Swim Bag

With almost 5,000 ratings averaging 4.7, this is the perfect beach bag for the pool, park or beach. Eight pockets let you store and organize all of your towels, water bottles, sunglasses, toys, sunblock and almost anything else you might need for a perfect vacation day. The fabric lets sand filter through, and it's lightweight so you won't be carrying any extra bulk back and forth. After all, it's your vacation too!

Keep the Kids Entertained

Lego-loving sandcastle enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to make bricks to construct their own creations using these brick molds. We bet the adults join in on the fun too!

Fun Summer Snacks

One of my boys' favorite snacks are icepops, but you and I know that they are pure sugar. Now you can make your own yogurt or smoothie pops using whimsical silicone molds! Try the dino or the unicorn versions, or for the older kids, check out the slightly creepy zombie ones. The best part of these pops is what's left on the stick - for example, on the dinosaur version, there are dino bones left once you're done with the popsicle! Genius!

The Perfect Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral-based sunscreen is the most effective that you can use, but because of it’s the barrier-based formulation, it usually leaves a white haze. Unseen Sunscreen from Goop goes on (and stays) clear on all skin tones, leaving you protected without looking like a ghost!

Its weightless formula is the perfect makeup primer to wear daily under your makeup, and its light texture doesn't even feel like sunscreen. A smart swap for your makeup routine (or for the guys to be protected too!)

Loud and Clear

Speaking of sun protection, these adorable yet cheeky straw hats send a message and are perfect for protecting your head and face from UV rays. Choose the motto that fits your vacation vibe the best!

Chilled Libations

Scorching hot days are no match for a cool drink – whether it's Sangria or a Cape Codder, it’ll stay cool thanks to this chilling tumbler that’s insulated with a proprietary cooling gel. Choose a different color for everyone in your group - we're partial to the swirly 'unicorn' hue! Freeze the tumblers for white wines, or put them in the fridge for a perfect glass of red.

Eco-Friendly Snacking

For the endless supply of snacks (I swear my kids “need” one every ten minutes in summer!), ditch the single-use Ziploc bags and try reusable silicone storage bags. They're freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes - an easy swap to reduce waste!

Now grab these vacay essentials, post your "out of office" autoresponder, and enjoy your time away!

What can't you live without on your summer trip? Let us know in the "Comments" section below!

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