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Recipe for a fabulous front porch (and 2 done-for-you designs!)

Think of the last time that you went to a restaurant, which has likely been awhile given the state of the world, so I’ll give you a minute….

Let's say that you start by ordering a salad. Sometimes, you get a salad with some iceberg lettuce, two cucumber slices, and a few carrot shavings. Pretty standard fare, and not a very exciting way to start your dinner. There are other times however, when you get a salad that starts on a bed of tender spinach, with slices of pear, a sprinkling of walnuts and a bit of salty feta.

Now, I freely admit that I am a salad snob, and I appreciate it when there’s an effort made to put together a salad that’s layered with color, texture, and tastes. It sets the tone for the rest of the meal, and shows you, the diner, that the restaurant has put thoughtful intention to create a great start to the meal – a preview of what’s to come.

Now, what does all of this talk of salads have to do with your front porch?

Here's the connection: your front porch is a great indication of what’s inside. Of course, it’s not only your guest's first impression when they come to your door. More than that, it’s also the perfect place to let your personality shine with a variety of textures, colors, patterns, greenery, and flowers.

Think of a home with a front porch with a door that’s peeling and faded, with a tiny little pot filled with a dead flower, and tulip-covered wreath (in November). Chances are, guests aren’t going to feel welcome as they approach your house.

Then imagine a front door is sporting a fresh coat of paint, flanked by planters brimming with flowers, topped with a seasonal wreath and fun doormat. It’s practically ushering you in (not to mention that it looks great from the curb)!

There are several different "ingredients" for creating a beautify and inviting front porch. Using my recipe below, you can create your own fabulous front porch! (Note: this blog contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission when you purchase directly from this page, at no cost to you.)

Recipe for a Fabulous Front Porch


1 fresh front door

1 seasonal and textured wreath

1 to 2 doormats

2 tall planters with seasonal plants

And if you have a covered porch, add:

2 comfy outdoor chairs

1 outdoor rug

A sprinkle of outdoor blankets, pillows, and lanterns


Select items from above that coordinate, and also relate to the upcoming season. (Think pumpkins and mums for fall, tulips and lilacs for spring). Arrange items on your porch. Grab a cup of your beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy, and see if people don’t compliment your beautiful porch when you welcome them into your home!

Recipe notes:

Front doors

The front door is one of the first things that people will see when they approach your home, so why not give it some pizzazz? Keep it freshly painted or stained, and even better in a color that contrasts other decor elements of your house!

Grab a copy BHG Quick & Easy Curb Appeal for all kinds of front door inspiration!


Wreaths come in so many styles and shapes, with endless options for each season. There are the full and traditional ones, filled with flowers and greens, and more modern versions with a minimalist vibe.

Change up your wreath to reflect the seasons! Think tulips and peonies in the spring, boxwoods and ferns in the summer, grapevines or pumpkins in autumn, and pine greens and holly berries in the winter.

Fun doormat

Make your doormat memorable! You can coordinate your mat with your décor, or use it as an unexpected spot to inject some humor in your visitor’s day. Couldn’t we all use a smile right about now?

Planters + Flowers

There’s nothing sadder than tiny little planters on the porch that are filled with dead plants. My recommendation is that bigger is better when it comes to planters. Make sure that your planters are at least 24 inches tall to give your flowers the attention they deserve. If you have smaller scale planters, consider adding plant stands to showcase those blooms!

Add a mix of seasonal plants, trees and shrubs to showcase your entryway. I love evergreen shrubs, like classic boxwoods. They always look fresh, and you can tuck in some tulip bulbs for spring color, add some bright annuals, like geraniums, in front for summertime interest, and wrap them in twinkle lights for the holiday season.


Now that you’ve got your base recipe down, you can add in some other accessories that compliment your entryway! Add a few lanterns in a material that compliments your style – there are so many different options in wood, galvanized metal, and more. Add some flameless candles inside with a timer, and every night, you’ll have a warm and welcoming front door.


Now, let's pull it all together in another round of "THIS or THAT"! Below are two done-for-you-moodboards for fall! One with a modern touch, and the other with a classic take on rustic farmhouse.

THIS: A modern take on classic fall elements, in a sophisticated black and white palette.

Links to purchase:

THAT: an autumnal palette inspires this relaxed and cozy farmhouse front porch:

Links to purchase:

Whew! All of this recipe talk has inspired me to have a salad for lunch! Keeping with the theme, I'm going to whip up autumn-inspired one with arugula, roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts, pumpkin seeds, and manchego. Mmmm......

Which THIS or THAT look is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments below, or shoot me an email Happy fall friends!

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