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A Kid's Bedroom That Grows With Them

When it comes to kids, one thing is certain: they’re constantly growing. I’m not just talking about their shoes (although really, I don’t understand how I am buying my third pair of sneakers within 12 months for my youngest, but I digress).

One of my favorite parts about having kids is watching them figure out what they love – whether it’s in the classroom, on the soccer field, or re-watching their latest favorite movie – it’s so fun to see them dig into their dreams with enthusiasm.

And as your kids grow, their bedroom becomes more personalized to them. With their nursery, it was all about what YOU wanted to put on their walls (hello, adorable little glittery owls), but as they get older, they definitely have more of an, ahem, opinion.

Their bedroom is a place where they can have a space all their own to create their own signature style. By allowing them to express themselves, their interests, and their creativity, you’re giving them the opportunity for some autonomy and choice.

Below are our best tips to create a bedroom that your kids will love, but will also grow with them. Keeping a neutral base, but adding in things that are easy (and relatively inexpensive) to swap out as their interests inevitably change will keep you both happy!

Get Them Involved

One of the first things that I do when I begin a project is to have conversations with my clients about whey they like, what they don’t, and what they want to make sure to incorporate.

In this case, your child is your client! Start by talking to them about their interests, what they want to incorporate into their very own space. You might be surprised by some of their ideas!

Select a Fun Color Palette

A blank slate isn’t always the best starting point, and maintaining a balance of the colors in your kid's rooms can be a bit of a challenge.

My son would love to paint all of his walls “Minecraft green.” A compromise would be giving him an accent wall in that shade of green while keeping the other walls a more neutral color.

Below are a few examples of a deeply saturated hue mixed in with some neutrals and complementary colors:

If your daughter wants pink walls, and you know that she’s leaning towards

screaming-neon-pink, circumvent that by choosing a few (non-neon) pink paint samples ahead of time, then, allow her to choose from your curated selections instead.

Choose Full-Sized & Timeless Furniture

Although it seems counterintuitive, choosing neutral, quality furnishings that can grow with your kids is a good investment. Would I love to have outfitted my boy’s rooms with a Star Wars millennium falcon bed? I mean, who wouldn’t? But any novelty bed isn’t going to last long, and soon you’ll be buying a larger one. (Read on for where to add in fun characters accents featuring design elements further in the article.)

Many of today’s cribs have kits that convert from crib to toddler bed to full size bed, allowing your kids to grow with their furniture. Look for dressers that have removable changing tables that will allow them to keep using that piece long after the diaper pail is gone. We opted for this when our kids were born, and they transitioned easily into their “big boy” beds as they grew.

And although ‘disposable’ furniture can be attractive from a price standpoint, it’s so hard on our ecosystem when everyone is buying cheap, disposable furniture that they throw away in a few years. But also, having quality furnishings in your kid's rooms also teaches them about the value of taking care of their things, and that we can’t sustain living in a disposable world.

Feature Their Interests

There are lots of places to add details about your child's specific interests in a way that you can adjust without totally redesigning their space.


One of my favorite ways to incorporate a kid's interests is in their bedding. You can, of course, find many kids' comforters with favorite characters emblazoned on them for instant theming. But there are also more subtle ways to incorporate them into the design too. Using a neutral comforter with character-printed sheets will give your child the joy of climbing into bed with his favorite pals each night, without having quite the "obviousness" of character-themed bedding.


Another great way to showcase their interests is through artwork. My secret for an even more cost-effective solution is use printable artwork from Etsy. Invest in some sturdy picture frames, buy printable artwork from Etsy in a digital download, and print them at home. Often, these downloads are a fraction of the cost of purchasing artwork, making it easy to switch out when your little ones goes from Peppa Pig to Encanto.


A fun table lamp or a themed bean bag lets your kids feel like they have a say in adding their own special touch into their bedroom. Pillows, wall hangings and even an area rug are things that can be changed easily as their interests change.

Displaying their own creations, whether it’s framing a piece of their artwork from a school project or adding their clay sculpture to a bookshelf, will go a long way in encouraging them to think of their room as their own space.

Add a Touch of Whimsey

A little bit of imaginative thinking can go a long way in a kid’s room. Bunk beds are a classic but fun twist on a traditional bed, and a gauzy canopy can make a kid’s bed feel extra special. A cool macrame chair swing and some string lights can up the cool factor for a teen's room.

Get ideas that might be a little out of the box… and ask your kids what they think would be awesome to incorporate.

Letting your kids put their own unique spin on their room’s design can be a great part of letting them express themselves in their space. By adding in these practical tips, you can be sure that their space will grow with them for years to come.

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