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What is "Designer for a Day"?

The Designer for a Day (DFAD) service gives you a focused, customized interior design experience for your specific project. Make no mistake - there's no fluff here! This is a roll-up-our-sleeves session where we dedicate five hours of time to you, tackling your design challenges and questions!

This service is perfect for you if you're overwhelmed with making decisions, and want to avoid costly mistakes. You may even have samples that you've collected, but aren't sure how to pull everything together in a cohesive design.

How Do We Start?

With this service, you have direct input on how you want to use our time together! We always start with a Discovery Call so that we clearly understand exactly where you're feeling stuck.

Maybe you've started a kitchen renovation project and need help selecting the colors, finishes, even things like countertops and backsplash tile. Or you know that you want to refurnish your Living Room, but aren't sure what floorplan and furnishings will suit your families lifestyle, let alone which vendors have great quality furnishings.

No matter what your focus is, we'll create an agenda for the day that will show each topic, and how we'll work through it together.

How Does it Work?

We typically start at your home and walk through the spaces where you want to focus our time. We can focus on a single room or a few rooms, and can work on design elements including furniture placement and selection, kitchen and bath finishes, flooring, or almost anything else that you can imagine.

During this time, we may take measurements, hand sketch floor plans, and review any samples that you've collected for your project, providing our design advice on the direction and selections for your project.

From there, we'll break for lunch (our treat!) and then we're off to visits to our favorite showrooms to make selections. We'll guide you to samples that will work well and complement your individual aesthetic. From there, we'll wrap up with next steps.

Who DFAD Is Best For

This service is best for you if you're beginning to plan for a project, or have started a project but gotten "stuck" on how to pull it together. It's also helpful if you can be decisive (with our guidance, of course!), as often one design element will impact another.

For example, you're beginning a bathroom renovation and know what the floorplan needs to be, but you aren't sure what tile, finishes and fixtures would look great together. Or, you want to refresh your kitchen, but you need help creating a color palette, and selecting countertops, backsplash, cabinet hardware and lighting that would look great all together.

What You'll Receive

After our time together, you'll have a a set of beautiful selections for your project. You'll also receive a report that details the selections that we discussed during our session. Depending on your project and how we spend our time, this may include a floorplan sketch, paint samples, an itemized listing of materials, lighting, and/or finishes that will allow you to move forward with your project.

What If You Need More Help?

We're still available for additional services, including full service design and project management. Take a look at our Services page to learn more about what we can offer!

What Past Clients Have to Say About DFAD

Read about what our past clients have said about their experience with Designer for a Day:

"I couldn't have done what we did in 5 hours in 5 months! We got so much accomplished, and I feel so much better about my project."

"I could never have never pulled together all of these selections on my own and have them look this good."

"Thank you for giving me the clarity that I needed on my kitchen renovation! I love my design and can't wait to move forward!"

How Can I Book DFAD?

If you're ready, head on over to our Contact page and start the conversation! We'll start with the Discovery Call and make sure that Designer for a Day is right for you!

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