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High Point Market Trend Spotting 2023

In October, we attended High Point Market in North Carolina! Over the course of three days, we visited A LOT of showrooms where we were able to grab inspiration and find new products for our designs. We even attended a Hot Spot tour led by our favorite podcast hosts, Rebecca Plumb and Shaun Crha of the Hot Young Designers Club!

From rugs to beds to chandeliers, we saw it all! Below are the top trends we noticed at this Fall's market.

Spice Tones

Despite the recent announcement of the paint colors of the year being softer blues, greens, and pastel tones, High Point was showing a different color palette in furnishings. Throughout the showrooms, there was a large presence of warm spice tones including rich chocolate browns, deep reds, terracotta, and dark green.

These hues create soft, cozy, and welcoming environments, making you feel at home - a aesthetic element that has been very popular over the last couple of years.

Dressmaker Details

When it comes to upholstery, we saw a wide variety of unique finishing details throughout the showrooms!

Very traditional features like skirted furnishings are being used by vendors in unique ways, for example, this sleek and stylish geometric ottoman with a tailored skirt.

Contrasting welts were a big feature this year at High Point. Contrasting welts not only make a piece feel finished, but they help add interest while connecting the piece to the rest of the room.

Collage fabric details were seen a lot this year. A "collage" is where two different fabrics are used on a piece of furniture. This design feature is a great way to add a unique pop of pattern and color to your home. These custom-curated pieces create personality and interest - we are super excited about this trend and have used it in some recent designs!

A Nod to Retro-Inspired Design

Curves took over High Point Market this year! Many vendors featured this nod to mid-century or 70's inspired design in their new furniture pieces with organic and unique shapes. Even the furniture layouts showed those characteristics by displaying a more functional purpose such as conversation areas.

From sofas to sideboards to bookshelves, the curves show a softer take on design and create feelings of relaxation and ease in interiors, with a bit of nostalgia for the past.

Burled Wood

Another retro trend that we saw throughout the showrooms was burled wood! Burled wood has a distinctive, almost swirled quality, and is formed when a tree is distressed, and external knots or growths grow to form intricate wood grain patterns.

This striking pattern was shown on coffee tables, sideboards, nightstands, and even wallcoverings. With the ability to be both playful and sophisticated, burled wood adds texture to interiors without overpowering the design of the room.

Natural Stone

Natural stone was another hot trend that was seen at High Point! An organic element that creates an expensive-looking atmosphere through furniture and lighting - a nod to Art Deco.

Lighting can display marble in many ways, even with the shade! In opposition to the typical clear or opaque glass options that we've been seeing for awhile on light fixtures, a marble shade adds a unique texture while still providing a lovely ambient glow.

Which of these design trends would you love to feature in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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