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The Hottest Paint Colors for 2024

Every year in the fall, paint companies announce their color of the year. Based on a compilation of trends in fashion, the arts, social media, marketing, and our collective mood, these colors are reflective of what we tend to crave and gravitate towards. Sometimes they take off, and sometimes they're forgotten, but it's always interesting to see what they're forecasting will be the next big trend.

Last year’s color palette featured a resurgence of color. We said goodbye to stark white and hello to deeply saturated tones of warmth and character. The world had a desire to return to normalcy and bring joy into their everyday lives, and that included color! We saw deep, warm colors of greens, reds, and browns, and inspiration was drawn from nature's richest hues to embrace a connection with the world and each other.

This year, we notice a continuation of more saturated color in the trends, but with a slight shift in tone. As we adapt to the changes in the world and our hectic lifestyles, we're tending to crave more comfort in our daily activities. As we move into 2024, we're seeing peaceful and uplifting tones bringing some calm into our homes.

Let's take a look at the Color of the Year selections from our favorite brands!

Sherwin Williams: Upward

In Sherwin Williams' 2024 Colormix Forecast, blues and greens take the lead for a calm and meditative palette. Their color of the year, Upward is described as "a breezy, blissful blue. The color found when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear."

As we transition to a softer, coastal design, this color emphasizes slow living and relaxation.

Upward by Sherwin Williams

Graham and Brown: Viridis

Graham and Brown were inspired by the green hills of England with their color of the year, Viridis. This soft olive tone is perfect for warming up a space and combining the atmospheres of outside and in. Graham and Brown define this color as "conscientiously curated to create a warm and welcoming space, offering a calming atmosphere for its guests." Be sure to also check out their coordinating wallpaper design of the year, Eden, "a dramatic forest-scape of hidden treasures."

Viridis by Graham and Brown

PPG: Limitless

Limitless, a pale and balmy yellow is PPG's new take on what a neutral should be. This honey shade is strong on its own but can be paired with multiple tones to create a lovely atmosphere. PPG says Limitless "brings a reassuringly calm, yet refreshing energy to our 2024 trend palettes. Combine with repeating rounds or arches, smooth finishes, and ambient lighting to create a sense of minimalism". Yellow is often a misunderstood color but this shade encapsulates the serene and carefree theme that 2024 is bringing our way.

Limitless by PPG

Dunn Edwards: Skipping Stones

Influenced by hope and nature, Dunn Edwards introduces Skipping Stones as their color of the year. Skipping Stones is a blue-gray tone with hushed hues of green, inspired by the sea. This color is the perfect shade for a door or accent wall with its bright yet tranquil cast.

Dunn Edwards says this color "highlights our newfound appreciation for life and all the promise it holds. We cultivate spaces that romanticize the mundane, nourish a softer approach, and merge the magic of nature with the joy of technology.”

Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards

Dutch Boy Paints: Ironside

Self-care and meditation make up the inspiration for Dutch Boy Paint's color of the year, Ironside. Ironside is described as "a deep olive shade with dark undertones that creates a level of comfortable sophistication." Dutch Boy Paints emphasized their message of the home being a sanctuary and Ironside creates just that. Refined and elegant, Ironside shows how a room can be transformed into a place of meditative purpose and tranquility.

Ironside by Dutch Boy Paints

Behr: Cracked Pepper

Continuing with the deeper tones, Behr's color of the year is Cracked Pepper, a moody, soft black. Darker colors like Cracked Pepper are starting to appear more in homes because they create a sense of comfort. Behr says "Cracked Pepper proves that color can transcend sight by awakening the senses and radiating confidence from any wall it coats or trim it touches. Its alluring presence resounds as a soothing anchor to every corner of a home inside and out."

Pair this shade with contrasting whites and greenery to create a cozy haven, or use it as an accent color on a kitchen island or fireplace for a bold design statement.

Cracked Pepper by Behr

What do you think of this year's hues? Drop a comment below and let us know which one is your favorite!

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