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Designing a Cozy Autumn Home

In autumn, we tend to gravitate toward all things cozy. From pulling your favorite riding boots out of storage to that first sip of your PSL, we celebrate the beginning of fall.

And as the leaves change, we're reminded that winter is indeed coming. To prepare ourselves for the seasonal change, it's a great time to experiment with a new look; you'll be spending more time indoors - might as well transform it into a space that you enjoy being in! And in this season when the air is a little bit crisper and the leaves are starting to put on their annual display, layering in more texture and warmer colors into our living spaces just feels right.

We're rounding up our five favorite fall design trends that we're seeing all over right now – why not incorporate a few into your next design project?

Rich Color Palettes

As we migrate away from cool grays and into warmer, more comforting colors, we’re seeing all kinds of deep earthy hues – and what better time than autumn to incorporate them into your project? Warmer hues have the effect of cocooning us into a space, and instantly making a room feel more intimate.

From terra cotta to olive green to deep eggplant, we’re feeling the urge to bring more of these warm and rich hues into our homes ... right after we light another pumpkin spice candle.

What’s Old is New Again

With the continued swirl out there in the world, we find comfort in things that we know and love. For some, that means bring out treasured family mementos, like candlesticks, vases, or artwork.

I recently hung these beautiful prints by Japanese artist Hasui Kawase in our dining room, much to my husband’s delight. They were gifted to him from his parents, and I finally had the revelation for the perfect spot in our dining room.

There’s something reassuring about surround ourselves with the familiar and comfortable.

Never before has vintage been more popular! Plus, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than at your favorite antique store looking for hidden treasures. Vintage finds are a great way to incorporate a bit of soul into a space. Incorporate these antiques, with their traditional lines, patterns and color, with touches of modern to keep it looking fresh.

Cozy Fabrics and Textures

An easy way to add texture and warmth to a room is by layering in pillows and throws in natural fabrics, like boucle, sherpa, and even cashmere. Change out the pillows on your sofa to velvet covers, and layer in in a luxe faux fur throw to give your family room a boost of hygge warmth. Add some flannel pillows and a chunky cable knit blanket to your favorite armchair to create the perfect little reading nook for a chilly Sunday morning.

Bringing the Outdoors In

If we’ve learned nothing else since the pandemic began, it’s that life is GOOD outside! But for those of us in the northeast (and Midwest for that matter), we know that winter will be here before we know it. Add some organic materials to your home to bring that outdoor feeling inside during the winter months.

Houseplants are an obvious option, but don’t forget that (realistic-looking) faux plants and even preserved flowers and branches can also add that organic goodness to a room if you don't have a green thumb. has a great selection of real dried flowers and grasses that have been preserved, and are beautiful on display in a gorgeous piece of pottery. An easy autumn display is dried, feathery pampas grass in a vase.

Wood Paneling

This is not your 70’s wood paneling – what we’re seeing a lot of lately is paneling in a variety of shapes and textures.

Retro-inspired slatted wood cladding is popping up everywhere and lends itself to a modern and interesting vibe. Another play on paneling is the addition of architectural fretwork on an accent wall. The natural grain and texture of wood is a fantastic way to warm up a space.

There are sites that offer this type of paneling in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and Architectural Depot is one that we like. They have a variety of selections of wood panels, and those fretwork pieces to breathe new life into a space. And you can choose the species and size of the wood to customize your space, or paint them for a completely different look.

Do you need more cozy in your home? Let us help you turn your home into your own cozy oasis! Reach out today and schedule your complementary Design Discovery Call to learn more about how we can work together!

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