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Back-to-School Study Spaces

By now, you've likely got your school supplies list for the upcoming year, and have made the trek to Target to gather all of the things that you need for this year.

But take a moment to take stock of your child's study area. Sure, the kitchen island is always an option for homework, but having a dedicated space in your home for studying gives them (and you!) several benefits. It lets your child or teen have a dedicated space for focusing on their schoolwork, teaches them independence, and gives them the responsibility to keep a space tidy and organized.

You already have a lot on your plate, so this year for back-to-school season, we've created study space designs, each with a personality of its own!

Each design includes:

  • Small scale desk, perfect to tuck into bedroom or playroom

  • Bookcase or shelf for storage

  • Adjustable desk chair

  • Floor and desk lamp for proper lighting

  • A small space rug

  • Some fun artwork!

Even better, you can purchase any of these curated study spaces from a single source called Side Door. With a few clicks, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

(Note: We make a small commission at no cost to you through products purchased through our partner, SideDoor.)

The Naturalist

Perfect for a child that loves to be outside or the teen who loves to garden, this study space has touches of natural and botanical-inspired elements.

The Athlete

Easy to customize for your child's favorite sport, this study space has everything that they'll need to focus on their studies before heading out to the game.

The Musician

For the child who loves to make music, this can be tailored to your little's one particular instrument through the artwork selection. This space will inspire them to study!

The Fashionista

With glam finishes and a fun pop art print, this study space will clear the way for your fashionista to make their mark on the world!

Which of these is your child or teen's favorite? Let us know in the Comments below!

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