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4 Ways To Elegant Autumn Home Decor

The air is a little crisper, the daylight recedes a bit each day, and leaves starting to melt from green into shades of amber and rust. In the fall, my family moves a bit slower, sleeps a bit later, and starts to settle into the rhythms of a new season. This is the season for slow cooker Sunday dinners, and movie nights in front of the fireplace, snuggled under blankets. We roll out brown craft paper and host our annual pumpkin painting party with our cousins.

Everyone wants to create a home that is warm and welcoming, especially during this season. There’s a line between fall decor that's cozy and warm, or that strays into the kitchy and cliché (or as my good friend put it “like fall threw up all over my house”).

So to help you celebrate this season of slowing down and taking it all in, below are my time-tested tips for creating a stylish but cozy autumn home:

1. Forage for décor

Some of the most striking décor is also the simplest (and free!). By now, your flower beds are probably showing their last blooms, but don’t limit yourself to cutting flowers from your garden! Instead, head outside to your yard, and clip some interesting branches from a nearby tree or shrub to bring inside. Choose your favorite vase and arrange, and viola! Instant impactful and chic fall décor.

Jennifer Janeway Designs - organic fall branches on sideboard
Branches from the backyard add a natural organic touch to this sideboard

Jennifer Janeway Designs Allegheny Virburnum as decor
Alleghany Virburnum branches with fall berries

2. Pop in some pumpkins

Adding little miniature white, striped and even green pumpkins in unexpected places gives a little nook some seasonal interest! They can be real (like these little cuties that make up a centerpiece perched atop a beautiful wooden serving tray):

Jennifer Janeway Designs - pumpkin decor
Seasonal pumpkins spice up the coffee bar

.... or this velvet and twine bunch sitting atop a stack of books that is usually on my mantel.

Jennifer Janeway Designs - fall mantle decor
Soft textured pumpkins and gourds adorn a rustic mantle

Décor often looks best in odd numbers, so use groupings of three, five, seven (or more!) pumpkins. Stack them on top of each other for even more visual interest.

3. Let ‘em shine

Your light fixtures that is! One place that I love to add some unexpected seasonal décor is light fixtures. Dining room fixtures are a fun place to add some faux garland. Add some strings of fall-inspired foilage to fixture to evoke a glowing and welcoming table.

Jennifer Janeway Designs - fall farmhouse fixture
Fall garland intertwines with this modern farmhouse fixture

Visit your local crafts store (JoAnn Fabrics is my personal favorite for faux florals) and choose one with leaves, branches, pumpkins … whatever gives you all the fall feels! (Depending on the size of your fixture, you’ll likely need more than one string.) Weave it in and out of your fixture, dim the lights, and enjoy your creativity.

(And if you don’t have a dimmer on your fixture, add that to your to-do list for this weekend. Dimmers = instant ambiance.)

4. Freshen up your fauxs

Don’t get me wrong – I adore fresh flowers around the house. But when that’s not always practical, and when you want something more long lasting, faux is the way to go. In the fall, use a mix of dried grasses, berries, mini pumpkins and preserved leaves for beautiful combinations.

Jennifer Janeway Designs - Ornamental grasses and mini pumpkins fill this galvanized wall pocket
Faux ornamental grasses and mini pumpkins

Jennifer Janeway Designs - fall faux decor
A rich autumn color palette

5. Bring on the layers!

For all of you pillow and throw lovers, THIS is your season! Layer on pillows and extra throws in sumptuous velvets, faux fur and cozy wool. And don’t forget your outdoor spaces – snuggling under a warm chunky knit throw on a cool Friday autumn night can be the perfect end to a busy week. The more layers you add, the more family and friends will want to stay awhile.

Jennifer Janeway Designs - fall reading nook
Double throws + cozy pillows

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the fall season? Do you have any family traditions? Comment below or drop me a note at – I’d love to hear about them!

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