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Three clicks to a new home study spot for your kid (and 4 done-for-you designs!)

In this post, I’m giving you the “Easy” button to create your kiddo’s home study space. No matter what your schooling situation is this year, your child WILL need a study space. It could be a corner in their bedroom, in your playroom, or even in a finished basement or attic. Once you’ve figured out there where, I'm going to make it super easy to figure out what to put in there!

It can be really time consuming to start from scratch to put together a fun and unique space that (dare I say?) your kids will want to spend time in to do their schoolwork! Well, busy mamas and dads, I’ve got your back on this one.

I’ve created not one, but FOUR “all-you-have-to-do-is-add- to-cart” moodboards with clickable links to purchase! And guess what else? EVERYTHING is from a single store (one of my faves, Target), so you can choose the one that your child likes the most, click “Ship to Me” and you are DONE. It’s the perfect recipe for your little one’s school workspace!

These boards and product lists give you the exact recipe to fully outfit your kid’s study areas with just a few clicks! And each one has the perfect ingredients for a study space:

  • A smaller-scale desk, designed to tuck into the corners of your home

  • A comfortable chair, perfect for days spent on video calls and writing papers

  • A task lamp, for shining a light on those calculus problems

  • Organizational tools, like bulletin boards or white boards, organizational bins and file managers

  • For the older kids, bluetooth earbuds with microphones to allow your child to participate in video calls, without the whole house having to do the same too!

  • A few fun decorative elements, because you know I can’t resist 😉

And remember, you can use these study space recipes as-is of course. But remember to involve your kids in the design! Not only does it improve their buy-in by allowing them to put their unique spin on their very own corner in your home, but you can swap in solar system art for the dinosaurs, or llamas instead of unicorns! Sometimes tweaking a few details is just what you need to make a space all your own.

Here are four home study spots for your little (or big!) one:

Schoolage girl (ages 6 to 11-ish)

A space filled with rainbows and beautiful creatures, this design is made to inspire her to plan big things!

Click on the links below to purchase!

Schoolage boy (ages 6 – 11ish)

Filled with dinosaurs, fun colors, and organization options galore, this space is designed to nurture giant dino-sized learning!

Click on the links below to purchase!

Teen girl (ages 12ish to 18)

A sophisticated take on a study space that surround her with feminine textures and prints – perfect for sparking her creativity!

Click on the links below to purchase!

Teen Boy (ages 12ish to 18)

An inspired space with weathered textures and soft leather to provide a catalyst for getting those studies underway!

Click on the links below to purchase!

Ok, now get clicking and add your favorite design to your cart! Now if we just had an "easy button" to get them to do their homework.....

Still need help designing a study space for your kiddo, or how about a “real” home office for yourself? Head on over to my contact page and reach out to start your next project!

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