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The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Tis the season for gifting, and we’ve been scouring the corners of the internet to bring you our favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas! These are perfect for that “one last thing” or a hostess gift for that holiday party that you’re heading out to – and all are deliverable with a few clicks!

One Hot Cuppa

It’s a scientific fact that coffee that’s been microwaved to heat it back up is terrible. (Ok, it’s not scientific but that’s my opinion.) The Ember mug lets you set your perfect temperature, and then holds it for up to 90 minutes – no re-heating required! (There’s a commuter tumbler version too – perfect for cold wintery mornings!)

What’s for Dinner?

Some days, the thought of deciding what’s for dinner is beyond exhausting. Problem solved! These Foodie Dice let you roll your way to an inspired meal, and include options for cooking method, protein, grains, herbs, seasonal vegetables and bonus ingredients (like bacon).


Need a gift that will spark nostalgia and create a memorable keepsake? Give a loved one the gift of archiving some of their most cherished memories through Storyworth, a platform that sends a weekly question prompt to your recipient for them to answer. At the end of one year, their responses (and pictures too!) are compiled into a bound book, guaranteed to be something that you’ll love looking back at year after year.

Sweet as Honey

With 12 varieties of all natural raw honey, you're sure to find a flavor that you love from Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm! A sweet backstory about a brother and sister who started a family business and are now full-fledged beekeepers adds to the charm of their products. Spoon some of the Wildflower with Ginger Root into a cup of tea, or try the Creamed Pumpkin Spice on a buttered biscuit.

Aged and Infused

This cocktail infusion kit has everything that you need to make delightful sips at home: two 16-ounce glass jars with a filtering spout, pre-filled with dried fruits and herbs. Add your favorite spirit, let sit for a bit, and enjoy an easy breezy cocktail. Choose from 7 different seasonal or spirit-specific flavors.

A Plant Made of Iron

Even if you (or your gifting recipient) don't have a green thumb, you can still have live plants! There’s just something about having a living, breathing thing to beautify your space and clean your air that makes a room feel complete. The ZZ plant is hardy, meaning that it can stand up to being occasionally, ahem, forgotten. It's low maintenance and only needs water every few weeks, but it’s bright and slightly waxy green foliage is a cheery addition to a winter home.

Wireless Charging Power

Messy cords everywhere are soooo 2020. Stop fumbling with wires and tiny ports and add a Courant Catch to your nightstand or mudroom, and eliminate the chaos of cords everywhere.

Available in a gorgeous leather or a linen, it’s pretty enough to have sitting on your counter or bedside table. (As a bonus, the larger size has a built in catch-all for all of your keys, eyeglasses, and whatever else you need to empty out of your pockets.)

Grippy Airpods Case

Truth: I have bought three pairs of AirPods. The first ones are lost forever because that slippery case wiggled it's way out of my purse (you're welcome to whoever found them). I thought I similiarly lost the second set. (I found them 3 weeks later after I'd bought the third pair.) Do yourself or your loved one a favor and get this silicone AirPods case with a carabiner and never find yourself in the same situation!

Lather Up!

Cruelty free and made specifically for sensitive skin, this Beekman soap and lotion set is formulated to both moisturize and cleanse with creamy goats milk. And the sweet and citrusy Honey and Orange Blossom scent is the perfect little pick-me-up during the winter months.

Baby Soft Foot Peels

Fair Warning: These Baby Foot exfoliating foot peels are both mesmerizing and gross. It’s a peel that you put on your feet for an hour and when you rinse it off, absolutely nothing happens. But about 5 days later, your feet begin to shed all of the dead skin and leave behind baby soft soles. Do everyone around you a favor and get these for the winter before sandal season begins.

Scentsational Shower

Turn your shower into a spa-inspired oasis with these Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers. These essential oil-infused tablets are an easy way to incorporate some aromatherapy into your day. Just drop one on your shower floor, let it fizz, and enjoy as you’re surrounded by your choice of 5 different scents.

Candles for a book lover

We all know those people that can get lost for hours in a good book and chances are, they would love a cozy candle for their reading spot. Give them an olfactory treat from North Avenue Candles with candles inspired based on their favorite reads. (They even have old-school library cards on their labeling!) Made in Pittsburgh, they specialize in clever candles for literature lovers - try "Christmas at the Cratchit House" for a spiced cranberry and orange scent, perfect for this time of year.

Do you have a stocking stuffer that's been a big hit? Add a comment below! And happy gift giving!

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