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Our Favorite Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

Between having a house full of kids and simultaneously emerging from a pandemic where everyone was home ALL THE TIME, I'm going to venture to say that we are all due for some serious self-care. And one of the most obvious choices for a little quiet time is your bathroom. Why? Not just because you can lock the door and keep everyone else out (which I may or may not have done in the past), but because your bathroom has a profound effect on how you start and end your day.

A well-designed, thoughtful space lets you begin your day with a sense of well-being and organization, and unwind at the end of a long day.

And if you’re not feeling that way, I’m willing to bet that your bathroom has unused space, not enough storage and organization tools, and poor lighting.

This year, we’ve been working on several bathroom renovations, and if you have a home that’s over 10 years old, it’s probably time to start considering a bathroom renovation. While there are no absolutely timeless designs out there (everything is going to date eventually), you can make selections that are both right at home in today’s design aesthetic, but will also stand the test of time and serve your daily routines and even self-care luxuries.

Read on for our favorite trends in bathrooms for this year (including several that we’ve used in our designs)!

Freestanding + Asymmetrical Tubs

A long soak in a hot and bubbly tub is the perfect example of self-care. No longer are we building in those awkward and unnecessary tiled tub decks; today's beautiful freestanding tubs are a much more elegant alternative.

To make the tub even more of a showstopper, consider an asymmetrical design. The swoopy side makes it a gorgeous focal point for the room.

We’re also loving the options out there with a flat bottom design, where the entire base sits flush against the floor. This style gives a more modern and clean feel to your tub's design, too.

Wood Vanities

A classic white lacquer vanity will never go out of style. But we're seeing that wood vanities are back in a big way, and they're much improved from the honey oak or cherry cabinetry of the 1990’s. With all of the hard surfaces and metal finishes in a bathroom, incorporating wood helps to add depth and warmth to a space.

There are so many beautiful finishes, like the bleached out beauty of white oak, or the stately presence of stained walnut. Vanities can range from modern to more transitional, and can work well in virtually any home style.

A Focal Point Wall

A recent trend report from Houzz showed that 35% of homeowners are adding an accent wall to their bathroom.

Often this takes the form of a patterned shower wall, but increasingly, using a fantastic wallpaper, millwork, or even a constrasting paint color provides a highlight for the bathroom’s design. We recently tiled the entire wall behind a vanity in one of our designs – not only is it more visually interesting, it also keeps that area behind the sink tidy and easy to clean.

Adding a focal point is a fun place to get creative, and put your own personality into your space.

Organic Touches

During the pandemic, many of us had more outdoor experiences than ever. Getting more outside time and exploring nearby parks and trails was one of the silver linings that came out of quarantine. As we think about the design of our indoor spaces, many of us are craving those restorative and healing power of natural elements. Biophilic design incorporates organic and natural materials into your room's design, with the benefit of providing a calming and soothing environment, and a greater sense of well-being.

A few ideas to try:

  • Incorporating plants into your space

  • Using rattan, wicker or cane accents in lighting, furnishings and accessories

  • Artwork with botanicals, or even a nature-inspired wallpaper

  • Adding touches of earthy colors to your palette, including olive greens and terra cotta

  • Use a bit of essential oil or a candle with botanical scents like rosemary, lavender, or sage for a calming sensory experience

Showers Get Larger

One trend that we’re seeing over and over is the separation of shower and tub (also known as “the shrub” 😉), where homeowners are opting for those gorgeous freestanding tubs that we mentioned earlier, and creating larger, more open and spacious showers.

Expanding the size of the shower allows for us to design your perfect shower with more spa-like extras, including:

  • full panel glass, with or without a door (see image)

  • built-in niches in the shower wall

  • integrated benches

  • rain shower heads and body jets

  • steam features

  • technology, like built-in speakers and shower controls

Toilets Get Smarter

Toilet technology has exploded over the last few years, and homeowners are opting to upgrade their toilets to make cleaning easier, and their, er, experience better.

Toilets now haves technology to keep the bowl cleaner using a dispenser that releases cleaning solution with each flush.

Others have heated seats, nightlights, air fresheners and bidet features.

There’s even a Kohler model that's being released later this year that will have Alexa integration so that you can check the weather or listen to your favorite playlist. Now that's productivity at it's finest!

(And if you wonder why your husband is missing for stretches at a time…)

With so many design choices out there, it's important to consider what your priorities are, and what features are going to make the most impact on your day to day activities. We can help you to develop that list, create a design, begin living in your dream bathroom. Reach out today and schedule your complimentary Design Discovery Session!

Which of these is your favorite feature that you'd love to have in your bathroom? Drop us a comment below!

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