Kitchen and Bath Design

Two of the most important (and hardest working) areas of your home are your kitchen and bathrooms, and chances are if you're reading this - they're ready for an update. You kitchen is the heart of your home -  where you prepare meals, catch up with your family, and entertain. Your bathroom is where you start and end each day, and can have a profound effect on how those morning and and evening routines happen.

Imagine now that these areas compliment the way you live, where every finish has been thought through based on how you and yoru family live. Each decision in a kitchen and bath renovations has an impact on the next. Space planning requires that you use every inch of available space to make these rooms work as hard as you do.  An experienced designer helps you to ensure that everything flows seamlessly and that the space is used as best as possible.

It's a lot to consider and coordinate, andyou likely have enough on your plate without having to worry about making all of these choices work together!  As part of your kitchen or bathroom renovation, I can help you to envision your dream space, and make the selections that will lead to your perfect end result. 

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