Holiday Decorating

I love the holidays. The sounds of kids playing with family and friends that they haven't seen for awhile, the smell of cookies baking in the oven, and the twinkling lights and a sparkling table that's ready for guests.  But, this all takes work and time!  The holidays are magical, but they're also filled with even more cleaning, cooking and shopping than usual!  

I can take one of the major projects of the season off your hands, and decorate your home for the holidays. You'll have the option to have me work with what you have, add in new decor, or do a full reboot of your holiday style.  I'll transform your home into a warm and welcoming place where you invite guests and entertain, or just put up your fuzzy slippers and enjoy! Give yourself the gift of time this season, and treat yourself to enjoying the company of family and friends. 

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